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For superfans of Netflix's hit show and Julia Quinn's bestselling books, or anyone needing a little more romance in their life.. Allow The Little Book of Bridgerton to act as your guide through the tumultuous life of the debutante.


From the fastest kid in primary school to the fastest British woman in history, this tells the story of sprint superstar and Olympic hopeful Dina Asher Smith.  


This is the story of one of the most skilled gymnasts of all time and her journey from her childhood gymnastics club to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

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From the inconceivable heroics of World War II spy Violette Szabo, to the unswerving optimism of Captain Tom, this book celebrates extraordinary acts of bravery and kindness, throughout the 20th century and today.


Tells the story of how Marta chased her dreams with determination and a never-give-up attitude, to earn the right to be called the best player ever.

'Five stars anyday. Definitely recommend.'

4.6 * average on Amazon

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Tells the story of the co-captain of Team USA and the face of women's football right across the world.

'My 11 year old daughter loves these. She likes the men's too but finds these very inspiring.'

4.9 * average on Amazon

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Tells the story of the girl from Reading who earned a big move to Chelsea and earned the mantle 'mini Messi.'

'We liked how Fran's personality and determination came through. We love this series of books.'

4.7 average on Amazon

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Tells the story of the girl from Watford who refused to be held back, and became the England women's national team's top scorer.

'Charlotte Browne's new book in this fab series charts her life and achievements perfectly.'

4.6 average on Amazon

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A nostalgic memoirs ghost-written for Maureen Harvey; the book recounts a baby boomer's childhood growing up in Birmingham's condemned housing.

'Written with an elegant simplicity, painting captivating portraits of a remarkable community and its people. A wonderful read, and an inspirational memoir.'

4.5 average on Amazon

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An anthology of breast cancer survivor stories - sold in aid of Asda's Tickled Pink campaign.

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